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We have trained over 2,000 Development Instructors
We have helped over 4 million people step out of poverty
80 % of childhood diseases are related to unclean water or inadequate sanitation
Every 11 seconds someone dies from AIDS
870 million people do not have enough to eat
Women and girls comprise 60% of all Africans living with HIV
Less than 1% of the U.S. Budget is spent on foreign aid
Every five seconds, a child dies from hunger-related diseases
27-28% percent of children in developing countries are underweight or stunted
Over half of humanity lives in poverty

How you can help. At One World Center we have created a program where you can live, learn and serve The Poor to help end poverty for over half of humanity. We believe that poverty is the biggest social problem of our time and by joining together we can make the world a better place for all.

At one of our three locations you can sign up for our work-study programs where you can serve The Poor by learning to become a development instructor and work alongside The Poor in developing nations.

We send teams of ten out into the world four times a year. Join us today to help end poverty and begin your humanitarian career.

Live. Learn. Serve.  Apply Now

Development Instructors

By David

Why we plant trees

In 2013, here at Richmond Vale Academy, we started a permanent tree planting campaign; we started with 10,000 Moringa trees and continued with more and more trees.

There are so many reasons why we should plant a tree, and, with the dark threatening shadow of global warming hanging over the whole of humanity, the urgency of it can not be stated enough. Trees, depending on the location and size, can absorb up to 6 tonnes of CO2 every year.

We already know that there is way too much CO2 going into the atmosphere as we speak. Planting trees is one way to reduce the effects that humans have on the earth’s systems.

By Manuel Arenas

When you are not at home, you start missing everything; first you miss your mom, then your own bed. Here you cannot eat everything in the freezer because it is for the entire week and it is not only for you. Nobody will clean your bedroom; you have to wash your own clothes and sometimes you have to cook, but not only for you, for everybody in the community!

And then, you realize that you are not alone just working for somebody else; you are here living with other people like you, who will be there for you when you need it. There are those who will teach you about so many new stuffs and those who share everything with you. Maybe you don’t even speak the same language, or have the same traditions, or think like them, but when you don’t want to be alone, you will have somebody next to you talking, having fun, studying, or simply being quiet sharing your company. If you want time alone you can go to the forest next door; sit down on the grass or just be in your computer; nobody will bother you.

By Tiago Rodrigues

“There will be a day when people will fight for water.” My history teacher told me when I was in primary school. I understood what he meant, but I didn’t consider it could be something I'll experienced. Now his words are a reality. For example, in Kenya and Somalia the droughts are forcing people to invade other’s territory, thus causing many conflicts.

When we think about water, we see it first as the precious liquid we need to survive. Why don’t we think about it as indispensable for our food production? Don’t our vegetables and our herbs need it as much as we do? Why don’t we think about it as an ecological chain that cannot be broken?

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